New Release: Improved SMART iQ System Software 3.0

SMART Technologies has just launched SMART iQ system 3.0 with new and exciting software features. With SMART iQ 3.0 users can now customize the home interface and change sources all from your home screen. Designed specifically to complement individual, small group and whole-room collaboration, the SMART display fully integrates with mobile devices, such as tablets,... Read More

New Extron 12G-SDI Cable Equalizer Supports 4K Video

Extron Electronics is pleased to introduce the 12G HD-SDI 101, a one-input, one-output cable equalizer for multi-rate SDI digital video signals. It offers a convenient, economical solution for sending multi-rate SDI digital video signals over long coaxial cable runs. The 12G HD-SDI 101 supports all common serial digital video data rates up to 11.88 Gbps,... Read More