SMART Spotlight Episode 4

"On-Location, Global New Lineup Launch" SMART has done it again!!! Inspiring greatness with the launch of the new 6000s series SMARTBoard. Welcoming everyone to be part of the new SMARTBoard 6000s Spotlight. AISYS Consulting, continues to bring you the latest news and information that SMART Technologies has to offer. In this on-location episode, SMART... Read More

SMART Spotlight New Product Launch & More Showcase

AISYS invites everyone to catch a glimpse of SMART Spotlight - Episode 3. In this episode, SMART will showcase an overview of the newest hardware and software products, as well as the latest iQ updates, tools & resources and behind the scene access to Tech Events around the world. Don't hesitate! Be the first to... Read More

The Spirit of Collaboration

AISYS Consulting welcomes everyone to tune into Episode 2 of SMART Spotlight. This months episode has great tips and tricks devoted to software, hardware, product launches and updates. Also, you will enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at tech events hosted by SMART Technologies. So what are your waiting for, "Let The Collaborating Begin!" Featured this month:... Read More