AISYS will assist with establishing expectations with the following services:

As the advocate for the client, AISYS pull its resources to execute new construction, relocation, and renovation projects to ensure a continuous timeline of job completion that falls within budget. As independent consultants, we are able to specify equipment that best fulfills your requirements and needs.

AISYS always want to make certain that we are giving our clients advice that will help them operate efficiently and effectively.

AISYS Consulting and its associates offer a combined background of over 75 years of audio/visual experience.

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Joel Hernandez

Elizabeth Lopez

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Memberships and Affiliations

AISYS Consulting is recognized by ICIIA as a Sapphire Level Solutions Provider


AISYS Consulting recognizes the importance of continual training for audio/visual equipment. Our experience and service to our clients will help minimize the cost of upgrading technology by designing projects to evolve.


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